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Welcome to Bar 44

Our bar showroom allows for you to see first hand the Sovereign Glasswasher, the Jubilee 50 Dishwasher, TD50 Dishwasher and the Airack Glass Dryer in a working environment. At Clenaware, we have a open-door policy and would love to speak to you about our products, and how they can help you achieve the perfect results.

We welcome any customer to bring a dirty glass or plate along with them, to test our equipment to witness the efficiency and excellent washing results for themselves. With our factory and showroom being in the UK, you can rest assured that help and advice is never far away! So if you want to see our products in action or want to come down for a chat and a pint, we would love to hear from you. At times we can get quite busy so to make sure someone is available to speak to you, please do let us know if you are thinking of coming to see us by giving us a call.

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Glass Washing

The Sovereign Glasswasher is a product that has over 20 years of design and development behind it, which makes it a truly revolutionary machine! Unlike other machines that reuse the wash water, the Sovereign Glasswasher is a "Fresh Water Wash" machine which always ensures the last wash is the same as the first. We are passionate about serving the Perfect Pint, and once we have washed a basket of glasses in the Sovereign Glasswasher and dried them on the Airack Glass Dryer, we can pour you a pint, and the results will speak for themselves!

The Airack

To serve the Perfect Pint, you need a dry, cool glass. The Airack Glass Dryer will dry a basket of glasses ten times faster than leaving them to dry on a vented shelf, which can take at least 40 minutes! With the Airack you can do away with tea towels which can cause cross-contamination which can also kill the head of the beer or lager you are trying to pour.

Once we have washed a basket of glasses, we can show you the Airack in action, and you can see for your self how it can benefit you, especially during busy periods. While demonstrating the Airack, we can show you both models available and recommend the Airack that is best suited to your glassware.

The Airack
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Dish Washing

If you would like to see our range of Dishwashers in action, we are ready to show you how you can achieve “Plate Perfection” with either the Jubilee 50 Dishwasher or our Thermal Dishwasher that is designed for the healthcare sector.

The condition of your tableware at the point of presenting to your customer is an essential element in customer satisfaction. Just like our Sovereign Glasswasher both the Jubilee 50 and TD50 Dishwashers use the “Fresh Water Wash” cleaning method, and when used with Clenaware chemicals, you can ensure that your tableware is sparkling and grease-free.

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