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Machine Installation Service

Service Overview

The Machine Installation Service covers your new or replacement Clenaware machine to be delivered and installed and includes all of the products in the Clenaware range.

What This Service Covers

  • The installation is carried out by well trained, experienced Clenaware engineers
  • Connecting the machine to the required electricity supply
  • Connecting the machine to the required water supply
  • Connecting the machine to the required waste supply
  • The removal and disposal of your old machine if required
  • Commissioning and testing of your Clenaware machine
  • Full user training on the use and aftercare of your Clenaware machine
  • All work carried out is supported by written paperwork left with the customer

The Machine Installation Service can take up to two hours.

Service Monthly Plan Pay As You Go Benefits
Machine Installation Service
£240.00 + VAT

Things To Do Before Your Installation

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Glass & Dishwashers

  1. Ensure you read your confirmation email confirming the electrical requirements for your machine and that all the details for installation are correct. This includes checking the dimensions of the machine in the email with the space you have ready for the installation. If anything is incorrect you must inform us before installation takes place.
  2. The machine must be sited on a sound level surface, with adequate clearance for servicing. If the machine is NOT level it can run into issues with items such as water siphoning and Wash Arms not rotating correctly.
  3. Ensure that your electrical connection is safe, has no cracks in the cover moulding or missing screws or loose dangerous wiring. Also, ensure that the electrical connection point is within one metre of the machine.
  4. A cold water supply is recommended for the machine; however a single cold or hot water feed can be used. Ensure that the water feed is easily accessible and within one metre of the machine.
  5. Ensure that the current waste set up is trapped waste (has a U-bend) and if possible, ensure there is an upstand pipe in place (as the machine has pumped waste). If there is no upstand pipe please let us know before the install so the engineer can bring all the right parts for an upstand to be put in.

It’s important to remember, that if the required services aren’t in place before the engineer attends then this could result in us having to cancel the installation and charge for a second visit.

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