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Clenaware Systems have been designing and manufacturing warewashing equipment for over 50 years.

At Clenaware we are passionate about our brand and our products. We believe everything we do should achieve that goal of ‘Delivering Perfect Results’ every time, from design and manufacturing, through to the after sales and service we provide.

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The Sovereign Glasswasher is designed and built in the UK and is a fully integrated machine. It has everything you need built in to deliver the perfect glass washing results. The Sovereign Glasswasher not only has the standard glass washing cycle, it also has dedicated cycles for renovating and plastics that are unique to Clenaware machines. The Sovereign Glasswasher is a fresh water wash machine that ensures the last wash is exactly the same as the first.

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Undercounter Dishwashers

Undercounter dishwashers are compact and fit well into small to medium size establishments such as cafes, pubs and small restaurants. With their small footprint, they can be positioned wherever they need to be, they are easy to maintain, access and clean and a perfect upgrade to a standard dishwasher that cannot keep up with the requirements of your kitchen.

For sites that have a requirement for thermal disinfection, then Clenaware supply the TD50 Thermal Disinfection Dishwasher. The TD50 has been designed and built solely for use within the NHS and Health Care Sector and provides the most hygienic wash to all crockery and utensils.

Hood Dishwashers

Hood or pass-through dishwashers are perfect for larger commercial operations. These units come with technology similar to undercounter dishwashers, but they have been designed with their unique shape, to allow the use tabling next to your dishwasher so that plates can be pre-rinsed and loaded into racks during washes and simply slid into the dishwasher avoiding the constant bending and lifting that comes with an undercounter dishwasher.

With Regent Hood Dishwashers, you can guarantee excellent wash results with the unique PRS (Premium Rinse System) For an accurately monitored rinse and outstanding results with zero-waste. By using PRS, the dishwasher doesn’t need to rely on the network’s water pressure; it can function perfectly well with just 1 bar!

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The Airack Glass Dryer

Lager or beer served in a wet or warm glass will always appear flat, lifeless and have the inability to form or retain its head. Many of the latest glasses use etching or a widget in the base of the glass to create something called "points of nucleation". This latest innovation in glassware while improving the customer experience is entirely ineffective if the widget is wet at the point of the lager or beer being poured. The Airack glass dryer was introduced to solve this problem, by ensuring the inside of the glass is completely dry including the widget, meaning that the drink poured won’t appear flat and will retain its head.

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Water Treatments

Limescale isn’t just unsightly; it’s also another factor preventing the delivery of perfect results, not to mention the damage it can do to your glass or dishwasher if allowed to build up inside of the machine. Scale can be an aesthetic problem, leaving streaky and ‘milky’ looking marks on otherwise clean glasses and crockery. Clenaware Water Treatments are used to remove hardness from water coming into the machine. Scale likes to cling to parts such as heating elements, wash arms and water hoses, so the glass or dishwasher is the perfect ‘host’ for scale build-up. Water treatments are not only beneficial for delivering ideal cleaning results; they are also essential for keeping the working parts of your glass or dishwasher running smoothly and efficiently.


Good quality chemicals are essential for cleaning, and also aid the drying process of glasses and crockery. Clenaware warewashing chemicals not only clean glasses and dishes, but they also help to maintain and look after the glass or dishwasher. The detergent and rinseaid chemicals in the warewashing range are safe to use and have no adverse effects on glass decoration, equipment or delicate crockery.

Included in the Clenaware chemical range are extra cleaning agents. Items such as Renovate powder for renovating your glassware and helping to maintain the cleanliness of your machine. Quash Lipstick Removal for all those stubborn greasy marks where pre-treatment may be required. And Descaler, used to eradicate any scale build up in your warewasher, ensuring the essential working parts of your machine continue to perform efficiently.

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Cleaning & Hygiene

With the risk that pathogens can be active on surfaces for several days, it is imperative to follow a strict cleaning schedule. This involves sanitising all worktops, floors and tables with a sanitising cleaner and using a good quality hand sanitiser to wash hands thoroughly.

Cleaning and caring for your warewasher is just as important as cleaning communal areas. Keeping the warewasher clean will assist in prolonging the life of the machine and eliminates the chance of any debris attaching itself to otherwise clean items.

Clenaware provides a number of products specially designed to help in the fight against bacteria, dirt and grease; that when combined with a thorough cleaning regime, you can guarantee excellent results.

Glass Baskets

With many different styles of glassware in constant use in commercial bars and kitchens, it’s important that you choose the right basket to wash them in. Clenaware Glass Washing Baskets come in a range of different sizes and styles which have been designed with each individual style of glassware in mind.

Clenaware Glass Washing Baskets are available in the following sizes 400mm, 450mm and 500mm which comes in a range of styles and functions. Also available in the Clenaware Glass Basket range are Basket accessories, such as the Basket Divider Kits. Clenaware Divider Kits gives you the ability to turn your open glass basket into a more versatile basket by adding or taking away the varied sized compartments to hold particular glassware for them to be washed.

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Dish Racks

The Clenaware Dishwasher racks are suitable for many types of cutlery, cups, mugs, plates, bowls, kitchen utensils and many other cutlery items such as chopsticks, spatulas and whisks.

The Thermoplastic design of each different style of rack makes them both durable and robust and suitable for use in any commercial dishwasher. The Cutlery Rack and dish rack are compartmented so that you can wash a variety of items in one cycle. The compartmented design means they can also be taken straight from the dishwasher and put into storage units, making them a more hygienic and safer option without the need for stacking them away.

Clenaware Dishwashing Racks are available in 500mm sizes and come in a range of styles and functions.

Basket Units & Stands

Basket Units are an ideal addition to the warewashing process, as glasses and crockery can be stored in the unit safely and securely by using the correct style and size of basket or rack. Storing a basket or rack into a basket unit results in no cross-contamination and excellent ventilation during storage. Clenaware also supply Airack Stands and Machine Stands Both of which provide the correct working height for your Glass Dryer or Warewasher.

All of the Clenaware Basket Units and Stands are made from durable Stainless Steel, making them not only a hygienic, easy to maintain but also aesthetically pleasing. All plastic top covers and Catch Trays are of a high-quality finish made from durable plastic.

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The Gogglewash range has been specially designed to provide consistent and thorough cleaning results for your 3D glasses. Every product in the range has been purpose-built with quality and efficiency in mind.

The Gogglewash range is completely unique from the specialist washing cycles the machine utilises to the design of the wash racks and composition of our chemicals. The Gogglewash range provides everything you will need to wash your 3D glasses fast and hygienically.

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