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CTU Exchange Service

Service Overview

The Calcium Treatment Unit (CTU) Exchange Service is designed as a cost-effective way of replacing exhausted CTUs’. The resin in the CTU will eventually become in-effective with usage over time and requires changing.

What This Service Covers

  • All CTU exchanges are carried out by a fully trained, experienced Clenaware engineer
  • If needed the machine is also given a full descale using a specialist descaling powder at the point of changing your CTU
  • All work carried out is supported by written paperwork left with the customer
  • After a CTU exchange has been completed, the engineer runs a number of wash cycles to ensure the CTU is softening the water effectively
  • The engineer will remove the old CTU unit from site
  • If a CTU Exchange is required before your 6 monthly service is due then a member of the Service & Support team is available between 9.00am and 5.30pm Monday - Friday to get this booked in
Service Calcium Treatment Unit Exchange Cost Benefits
CTU Exchange Service
£374.50 + VAT
Per Unit*
£160.00 + VAT
Per Exchange**
See below*

*Monthly customers receive 30% off this price dependant on their current plan.

** Only applicable if not done at a service. Monthly customers would receive a reduced rate.

How To Spot When Your CTU Needs An Exchange

  1. Wash Results - You will notice spotting or a milky type residue on the glasses after they have been washed in the glasswasher.
  2. Wash / Rinse Arms - The black plastic of the arms begin to look grey and chalky.
  3. Wash / Rinse Jets - The small holes in the Wash and Rinse Jets become blocked with limescale and will usually cause issues with the rotation of the arm and cause the rotation light to be red.
  4. Draining - If there is extra water in the machine and it isn’t draining fully, it is most likely that the Filters inside the Wash Tank are full of limescale or debris, or the Outlet Hose or Drain Pump is full of limescale or debris. If the machine is constantly trying to drain it is likely the Spindles piston (located in the Wash Tank under the Wash Arm) is stuck up due to limescale. This can be resolved by using descaler but can also indicate the CTU is ready for exchange.
  5. Beer Presentation - The beer isn’t retaining its head, or the beer tastes flat. This usually indicates either limescale build up on the glass or can be chemical residue clinging to the limescale build up on the glass.

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