Clenaware Systems Sovereign Detergent

Sovereign Detergent
2 x 5lt

Clenaware Systems Sovereign Rinseaid

Sovereign Rinseaid
2 x 5lt

Clenaware Systems Sovereign Starter Pack

Sovereign Starter

Clenaware Systems Sovereign Descaler

Sovereign Descaler
4 x 1lt

Clenaware Systems Renovate Tub

Renovate Tub

Clenaware Systems Quash Lipstick Removal Starter Pack

Quash Lipstick Removal Starter Pack

Clenaware Systems Polycarbonate Glass Washing Pack

Polycarbonate Glass Washing Pack

Clenaware Systems Dishwasher Detergent Standard

Dishwasher Detergent
Standard - 2 x 5lt

Clenaware Systems Dishwasher Detergent Hard Water

Dishwasher Detergent
Hard Water - 2 x 5lt

Clenaware Systems Dishwasher Rinseaid

Dishwasher Rinseaid
2 x 5lt

Clenaware Systems Tea & Coffee Stain Remover

Tea and Coffee Stain Remover

Clenaware Systems Descaler Tub

Descaler Tub

Clenaware Systems Automatic Water Softeners

Automatic Water Softeners

Clenaware Systems Calcium Treatment Units

Calcium Treatment Units

Clenaware Systems Manual Water Softener

Manual Water Softener

Clenaware Systems Salt 25Kg


Clenaware Systems Granular Salt 25Kg

Granular Salt

Clenaware Systems Open Baskets

Open Baskets

Clenaware Systems Divided Baskets

Divided Baskets

Clenaware Systems Tall Baskets

Tall Baskets

Clenaware Systems Half Glass Baskets

Half Glass Baskets

Clenaware Systems Divider Kits

Divider Kits

Clenaware Systems Carafe Insert

Carafe Insert

Clenaware Systems Dish Rack

Dish Rack

Clenaware Systems Open Rack

Open Rack

Clenaware Systems Cutlery Rack

Cutlery Rack

Clenaware Systems Airack™ Glass Dryer Standard

Airack Glass Dryer Standard

Clenaware Systems Airack™ Glass Dryer Lite

Airack Glass Dryer Lite

Clenaware Systems Basket Unit 3 High

Basket Units 3 High

Clenaware Systems Basket Unit 5 High

Basket Units 5 High

Clenaware Systems Airack Stand

Airack Stands

Clenaware Systems Machine Stands

Machine Stands

Clenaware Systems Sink Unit - 600mm

Sink Unit - 600mm

Clenaware Systems Sink Unit - 1200mm

Sink Units - 1200mm

Clenaware Systems Machine Cleaning Kit

Machine Cleaning Kit

Clenaware Systems Stainless Steel Cleaner

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Clenaware Systems Cactericidal Cleaner

Bactericidal Cleaner

Meet the family

Service & Support

At Clenaware we offer a range of service and support packages that ensure the Clenaware experience is the best that it can be for your glasswasher or dishwasher. Clenaware engineers have the skill and knowledge to carry out servicing and repairs to your Clenaware equipment and carry stock of genuine Clenaware parts.


Help and advice on any of our services or products is only a phone call away, please call us on 01933 666244. For sales its option 1 or email For spare parts its option 2 or email For service & support its option 3 or email

Welcome to Clenaware Systems

Clenaware Systems is more than just a brand; it's a brand with an ethos of 'attention to detail', where it marries experience and quality workmanship to leave you delighted every time, both as our customer, and most importantly our advocate.

At Clenaware Systems we are proud of the products that we design and manufacture and our range of high-quality Sovereign Glasswashers, Jubilee and TD Dishwashers and Airack Glass Dryers are designed and built in our UK factory using the highest quality materials and parts.

We also offer a wide range of accessories including baskets and machine stands through to basket units and sink units, as well as a range of chemicals that include Detergents and Rinseaids.

We constantly strive to improve our products, our services and the customer experience ensuring our products are reliable in use and that they consistently deliver first class results.

Clenaware Systems, ware excellence is standard.

1. Treat It
  • Detergent
  • Rinseaid
  • Renovate
  • Descaler
  • Water Softeners
  • Pre-Treatments
Clenaware Systems Treat It
2. Prepare It
  • Glasswasher Baskets
  • Specialist Baskets
  • Dishwasher Racks
  • Cutlery Baskets
Clenaware Systems Prepare It
3. Wash It
  • Sovereign Glasswasher
  • Jubilee 50 Dishwasher
  • TD50 Thermal Dishwasher
  • Specialist Machines
Clenaware Systems Wash It
4. Dry It
  • Airack 50
  • Airack 50 Lite
  • Airack 45
  • Airack 45 Lite
  • Airack 40
  • Airack 40 Lite
Clenaware Systems Dry It
5. Store It
  • 3 & 5 Tier Basket Units
  • 3 & 5 Tier Rack Units
  • Static or Mobile
  • Airack Stands
Clenaware Systems Store It
Clenaware Systems Perfect Pint
Glass Washing Brochure

If you are passionate about first class washing results for your glassware, the Clenaware glass washing brochure contains the 5 easy steps to achieving ‘Presentation Perfection’ for your glassware. From using the correct cleaning chemicals right through to the correct storage of your washed glassware, Clenaware have it all covered in the brochure. Click here to download the glass washing brochure as an easy to follow guide on how to get the best results every time...


Clenaware Systems Perfect Pint
The Perfect Pint

A glass that hasn’t been washed effectively using the proper glass washing equipment, not only leaves the glassware looking bad but also affects the taste and look of the beverage at the point of serve. The state of the glass at the point of presenting the drink is an essential element in customer satisfaction. The story of the ‘Perfect Pint’ tells you how to get the glass ‘beer clean’ and ‘fit to fill’, resulting in the Pint looking better, tasting better and ultimately leaving customers happy and thirsty for more. Click here to download the full story...


Clenaware Systems Perfect Plate
Dish Washing Brochure

To present a perfect looking meal or beverage you need perfectly clean tableware, and to get these results you need all the correct equipment. The Clenaware dish washing brochure contains everything you need to get the best results for your tableware. By following the correct washing method, you are ensuring your customer is presented with clean and bright looking tableware. Click here to download the dish washing brochure on how to get the best results every time...