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What's coming next to the Clenaware Family?

The CafeRack

Following on from the Airack Glass Dryer's success and the benefits it brings to our customers, we wanted to provide the same quality and convenience to cafes, bistros, restaurants etc. that are drying mugs. The CafeRack has been specially designed to dry and warm mugs ready for serving hot drinks and eliminate cross-contamination from tea towels.

  • Drys and warms mugs
  • Eliminates cross contamination
  • Provides a constant rotation of mugs
  • Simple & easy to use

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Sovereign Mk 6 Glasswasher

The result of years of research and development is our next-generation Mk6 Sovereign Glasswasher, which builds upon the quality, reliability and features of our flagship Mk5 Sovereign Glasswasher. The Mk6 comes in three versions: Pro, Standard and Lite and includes the latest in warewashing technology and innovation.

  • Heat Recovery System
  • Fresh Water Wash
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Integrated Chemical Storage
  • Ability to add specialist cycles
  • Descale Option

Want to find out more? give us a call on 01933 666 244 or email

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