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Our Factory

From the first design drawing right through to final testing, we develop, design and manufacture our products from our UK based factory in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. We are proud to be a UK based design and manufacturing business and we constantly strive to improve our products, our service and the customer experience. All parts are sourced and delivered direct to our factory where the machines are hand-built before undergoing a full testing process. We work tirelessly to exacting standards to ensure that every stage of our manufacturing process has quality built in.


At Clenaware Systems we are proud to be apart of the "Made in Britain" scheme with all of our products designed and manufactured in our Northamptonshire factory. We like to work with suppliers that share our ideology of quality and reliability; this ensures that or customers only receive high-quality products.

By sourcing and working with suppliers inside of the UK, we can build a more personal relationship and play a more active role in the parts that they manufacture for us. By sourcing parts in the UK it also means that our lead times can be reduced as we are not waiting for parts from abroad.

Factory - Sourcing Image
Factory - Picking Stock


At Clenaware we house a full range of spares and parts for all our products which can be picked, packed and shipped the same day of order. By keeping a large stock of parts, we can decrease build time and increase efficiency.

Before any product is built, a works order is generated along with a pick sheet. The pick sheet is then used by our stock controllers to pick and sort every part that is needed for the production build. By picking and organising our parts against the pick sheet, we can address any shortages or issues before it is passed to the production team.


Once the stock controllers have finished picking all the parts needed for the works order, it is passed to our highly trained production team comprising of skilled and experienced engineers with industry-leading knowledge. With the latest tooling and technology, all of our products from our Airack Glass Dryer to our Thermal Disinfection Dishwashers are built to a high quality following a rigorous process document to ensure a consistent standard.

As well as building new machines our engineers undertake repair work and full refurbishment of existing machines.

Factory - Building Machines
Factory - Testing Machines


Using the latest equipment all Clenaware machines are thoroughly tested and adhere to stringent regulations. All of our warewashers go through multiple cycles to test the machine, while these cycles are running the machines are monitored by our engineers to ensure there are no leaks and that everything is working as it should be.

Every single product that Clenaware builds and tests come with a test and safety record sheet to show that the machine has been tested to our high standards and guarantee customer safety. No product will leave our factory until our production engineers have carried out these essential safety checks. All of our machines are manufactured to ISO 9001 : 2008 and are WRAS approved.


With our ethos of 'attention to detail' our production team quality check every product before it is ready to send out to ensure we remain consistent with our high standards. During these quality control procedures, if there is anything that does not conform to our specifications, it is documented against the machine. Any machines that fail quality checks are then sent back to the production engineers for any work required.

Our quality checks are not only reserved for finished products. Every part that is delivered to our factory is checked before being entered into stock. By inspecting stock deliveries, any issues can be addressed before these parts are used in our machines.

Factory - Quality Assurance
Factory - Packing & Shipping

Packing & Shipping

Once we have received and processed your order our stock controllers pick it and get it ready for packaging. Before packaging, the order is checked and countersigned by another member of staff to make sure the right product is going to the right customer. When the order is being packed, great care is taken with it to avoid damages. Many of our smaller products are then shipped for next day delivery* via Parcelforce.

If we are shipping any warewasher via a courier, specially designed machine feet are fitted to avoid damage to the adjustable feet, the machine is then boxed and wrapped to prevent any scratches and then strapped to a pallet for easier transportation.

*Qualifying items shipped for next day delivery if ordered before 13:00 mon-thu.

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