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About Clenaware Systems

Clenaware Systems have been designing and manufacturing ware washing equipment for over 50 years. The business relocated from its roots in Farnham to Wellingborough, Northamptonshire where the Clenaware products are still designed and manufactured to the same high quality that customers have come to know.

Since it started in the 1950s Clenaware Systems has moved from the very first brush glass cleaning machine to the latest front-loading Glass Washer and Dishwasher. We are proud that our Glass Washers, Dishwashers and accessories are designed and hand-built in our UK based factory.

At Clenaware we are passionate about our brand and our products. We believe everything we do, from design and manufacturing, through to the after sales and service we provide, should achieve that goal of ‘Delivering Perfect Results’ every time. At Clenaware ‘Excellence comes as standard’.

Clenaware Systems Warehouse

Research & Development

At Clenaware, we are always looking into the future to provide our customers with industry-leading equipment, and that would not be possible without our investment in research and development. From the first counter-top rotary brush machine which was released in the 1950s to our revolutionary Sovereign Glasswasher, we continuously adapt and develop products that will benefit our customers, and we take on board their feedback to improve our products further.

When we were approached by two major brewers with feedback from the trade that pubs were losing customers due to their beer being served in a warm and wet glass, our R&D team quickly jumped on the problem. After extensive testing and development, The Airack Glass Dryer was born featuring an automatic four-minute push button timer which could dry a basket of glasses ten times faster than leaving them to dry on a vented shelf, which can take at least 40 minutes! With the popularity of taller ‘continental’ style glassware, the Airack was further developed to use an adjustable manual timer which gave users the option of setting their own drying times, as taller glasses could take a little longer than four minutes.

Drawn Airack Image
MK 6 Glass Washer Design


After the research and development stage, the initial ideas are draughted up as technical drawings. At this stage of the process, we agree on the look of the product and what materials will be used to build it. When designing a new product, we take into account the end cost to the customer, quality materials and practicality to the customer and to engineers.

Once design drawings are signed off, a prototype can be developed. Every prototype then runs through multiple tests with some prototypes even being trialled and tested at a customer’s site. Testing the machine in this environment gives a good indication of how the product will perform in a real working environment. After prototype trialling, feedback can be implemented, and the design changed for ease of use and to address any problems encountered.


At Clenaware, we only use high-quality materials and parts when producing our products. All work is undertaken by our highly trained production team comprising of skilled and experienced engineers with industry-leading knowledge.

Using the latest in technology and tooling, all of the products in the Clenaware range from our Airack Glass Dryer to our Thermal Disinfection Machines conform to the same stringent quality standards. All of our products are built following a rigorous process document to ensure a consistent standard.

Exploded Diagram

Take to Market

At Clenaware, we are proud of the products that we design, develop and manufacture in our UK factory using the highest quality materials and parts. We are passionate about our brand and our products. We believe everything we do should achieve that goal of ‘Delivering Perfect Results’ from design and manufacturing through to the after-sales and service we provide.

No product will ever be brought to market and leave our factory without countless safety tests and checks, to guarantee that the Clenaware standard is adhered too. These checks make sure we release a high-quality product to the trade, that will make a real difference to you.

Clenaware Systems Products

Our History

For the last 70 years, we have been designing and manufacturing our industry-leading warewashing equipment, with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. All of the products in the Clenaware range have been rigorously tested to ensure they are safe and conform to our own high standards. Since we started in the 1950s we have been hard at work designing new products for the market, many of which are unchallenged in terms of technology and quality. Our drive to produce products that make a real difference to our customers will not slow down as we head into the new decade, with some exciting new products soon to be launched.

Sovereign Innovation

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