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Airack Extended Warranty

Service Overview

The Airack Extended Warranty Parts & Labour is designed to provide a fixed cost package for a complete peace of mind service that ensures a long life for your Airack. Should there be any parts required due to failure then there would be no charges for parts or labour.

What This Service Covers

  • Access to technical help and engineers via the phone
  • Support and advice on machine user issues
  • If the issue can’t be fixed over the phone we will arrange to collect the Airack and repair it at the factory
  • Upon receiving the Airack we have a 72-hour lead time on getting it back to you
  • If the Airack can’t be fixed it will be replaced with a brand new Airack
  • Covers all Parts & Labour for repairs
Service Monthly Plan Pay As You Go Benefits
Airack Extended Warranty
£50.00 + VAT
Per Year

Tips For Looking After And Using Your Airack

  1. Follow the daily maintenance as per the Care Card enclosed with the Airack.
  2. Make sure you site the Airack correctly as per the Installation Card enclosed with the Airack.
  3. When the Airack is not in use, disconnect it from the mains supply and remove the Top Cover from the base for cleaning.
  4. Only clean the Top Cover of the Airack with a clean, damp cloth. Pay attention to the air holes in case of any blockages from water residue, that may otherwise restrict the airflow when the Airack is in use.
  5. For best results use your Airack with a wire basket as these have bigger clearance holes allowing the air to circulate more freely.

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