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Machine Extended Warranty With Machine Maintenance Servicing Icon

Machine Extended Warranty With Machine Maintenance Servicing

Service Overview

The Machine Extended Warranty package with Machine Servicing is designed to provide a fixed cost package for a complete peace of mind service that ensures a long life for your Clenaware machine. Your machine will be serviced every 6 months and if any parts are required due to failure then there would be no charges for parts or labour.

What This Service Covers

  • Access to technical help and engineers via the phone
  • Support and advice on machine technical and user issues
  • Unlimited call outs and onsite attendance
  • Cover for all parts within the Clenaware machine
  • Replaced service and repair parts are genuine Clenaware designed & manufactured
  • All work carried out is supported by written paperwork left with the customer
  • 12 months warranty on all new parts supplied
  • Service provided by well trained, experienced Clenaware engineers

Call out, labour and part failure due to customer misuse is not covered under this plan.

Service Monthly Plan Pay As You Go Benefits*
Machine Extended Warranty with Machine Maintenance Servicing
£45.00 + VAT
Per Month
£540.00 + VAT
Per Year

Plan Benefits

  • Free Delivery on all future orders from Clenaware excluding chemicals
  • Reduced call out and labour rates if an engineer is required for a non-warranty call
  • 40% Discount off all future purchases from Clenaware
  • Free Replacement Basket every 12 Months (dropped off at the point of Service)

*Benefits for this plan are for the customers on the monthly payment scheme.

Examples Of Issues That Aren’t Classed As Genuine Warranty

  1. Follow the proper cleaning procedure for your machine as any unnecessary dirt build up around the Door Frame can stop the machine Door Switch activating leading you to believe the machine isn’t working. This can also cause a leak from the Door so must be kept clean.
  2. Whilst your machine is filling and your fill/ready light is amber pressing any buttons will stop the machine from functioning correctly as the only option it will allow you to do is closedown. Once the fill/ready light turns green then you can press the required buttons.
  3. If you prematurely switch off the machine during a session or at the end of a session without allowing the machine to run the closedown cycle, the next time you go to use the machine it won’t start up correctly.
  4. Ensure Filters are firmly in place as these prevent foreign objects from getting into the Pumps like broken glass.
  5. Ensure the Detergent and Rinseaid Tubing are placed in the correct bottles, i.e. blue tube in Rinseaid and clear tube in Detergent and have the Chemical Weights on the bottom. Also ensure tubing is free from kinks or obstruction.
  6. If a machine isn’t heating properly, this could indicate an issue with the heating element in the machine. This may be caused if the element is ‘caked’ with limescale and will not work efficiently.
  7. When removing Wash or Rinse Arms from the machine for daily cleaning, ensure the Special Screw is fully undone and the arms are lifted from underneath. This will prevent the arms being snapped unnecessarily.

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