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Chemical Package

Service Overview

The Chemical Package is designed to provide an affordable monthly plan that covers your chemical needs for your glasswasher and are dropped off during your Machine Maintenance Service every 6 months.

What This Service Covers

  • Free delivery of your chemicals with the engineer at the time of service
  • Affordable monthly option for your chemical needs
  • Covers the following chemicals to be dropped off with your service:
    4 x Bottles of Detergent
    1 x Bottle of Rinseaid
    1 x Tub of Renovate
    This is based on a typical 6 month usage
  • At the point of your service being booked in, you can purchase any additional chemicals (if required) so they can be delivered free of charge with the engineer
Service Monthly Plan Pay As You Go Benefits
Chemical Package
£16.00 + VAT
Per Month

Why You Should Use High Quality Chemicals


  • A high quality Detergent is formulated to cope with high levels of tannins, proteins and water hardness
  • Less likely to leave residue on your glasses
  • A low quality Detergent will not clean your glassware. You may find you still have tannins and proteins on the glass making them look dirty and unsightly


  • A high quality Rinseaid will aid in the drying process by shedding as much excess water from the glass as possible, helping to prevent spotting
  • The Rinseaid we recommend will not ‘froth’ in the Header Tank, unlike other Rinseaids on the market. If you use a lower quality Rinseaid then you may find your machine becomes intermittent and inoperable. This intermittent problem can be due to the Rinseaid frothing in the Header Tank triggering the Float Switch and causing the machine to cut out during the cycle


  • Renovating your glassware is essential for removing the manufacturers film on any new glassware
  • Renovating your glassware can help to remove any mineral deposits on the glasses that build up with use over time
  • A low quality Renovate could leave a film on the glass and may cause the beer to go flat

Chemicals play an important part in the overall process of achieving perfect results.

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