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Manual Water Softener Regeneration

To be completed each time you refill with salt

A water softener is a crucial part of your warewashing set up, especially if you operate in a hard water area. A well-maintained water softener will protect your equipment from limescale build-up which likes to cling to parts such as heating elements, wash arms and water hoses leading to expensive engineer call outs. Scale can also be an aesthetic problem, leaving streaky and 'milky' looking marks on otherwise clean glasses and crockery.

Your manual water softener will only perform at full efficiency if it is well maintained and regularly inspected to see if it requires a salt top-up. Without topping up your softener with salt and performing a regeneration, the resin inside can become depleted, leading to the softener to cease working.

Download Manual Water Softener Product Manual

Step 1.

Normal Service

  • Figure 1 shows the Manual Water Softener in “Normal Service Mode“ with both control levers turned to the 9 o’clock position.
  • To Regenerate your Manual Water Softener start by turning off your glass or dishwasher.
  • Place the Depression and the Regeneration Tubes into a bucket or sink.

Step 2.

Depression & Salt Loading

  • Release the container pressure by turning both control levers to the 3 o’clock position as seen in Figure 2.
  • After 30 seconds unscrew and remove the container lid.
  • Pour 1kg to 1.5kg of Granular Salt into the container on top of the Resin as seen in Figure 3.
  • Wipe the lid and gasket to remove any salt or brine. Place back into position and screw hand tight.

Step 3.


  • Regenerate the Softener by turning the top Control Lever to the 9 o’clock position as seen in Figure 4.
  • Leave in this position for a minimum of 45 minutes and allow water to flow through into the bucket or sink.
  • Turn the bottom Control Lever to the 9 o’clock position as seen in Figure 1.
  • The Softener has now been regenerated.

Need some more salt?

Granular Salt

For use with Maunual Water Softeners

Water softeners contain resin beads which attract metals; these metals then don’t enter your warewasher, which prevents scale. The resin within a water softener will eventually run its course and gradually be exhausted, leaving only the metal ions which became attached to the resin in the softening process inside the unit, this is where regeneration is required with a salt top-up.

Granular Salt is used with the Clenaware Manual Water Softener, which will need a salt top-up at least once a week. With the Manual Water Softener as apposed to the Automatic Water Softener, you need to regenerate the unit manually. To Regenerate the softener you will need to top up the salt and then flush through the unit into a sink or bucket for 40 minutes, once this is done you can connect the softener back to your warewasher.

Regenerations just got easier

Softener Hose - 10 Meters

For use in Maunual Water Softeners

Extra hosing to attach to your Manual Water Softener, the 10-meter length of this hose makes it perfect for performing regenerations easily and efficiently.

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