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Gogglewash Racks

Gogglewash Racks have been specially designed for washing your 3D glasses. With many different styles of glasses available, it is vital that you use the right rack, this will ensure that you are washing your 3D glasses efficiently and effectively while also making sure they are secure in the Gogglewash Machine.

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Clenaware Systems - Gogglewash - Standard Rack

Standard Rack


£95.00ex. VAT

£114.00inc. VAT

The Gogglewash Standard Rack has been designed for Dolby 3D and Xpand 3D glasses although the rack will support a multitude of other styles and brands. The Standard Rack can hold up to 16 pairs of 3D glasses, and the racks can be double stacked in the Gogglewash to wash up to 32 pairs of 3D glasses. The wirework inside allows for your glasses to be angled to make effective use of space and aid the drying process.

The open design of this rack allows for maximum water contact to ensure a thorough clean. When removed from the machine, the spacing provides excellent ventilation to assist with fast drying. Unlike 'cheaper' plastic‐type versions this rack is made up of robust wirework which is then coated in a 'premium' plastic hygienic coating and is also fitted with corner protection clips for added durability.

Theme Park Rack




The Gogglewash Theme Park Rack has been specially designed to hold theme park 3D glasses which have a smaller footprint than the Dolby 3D or Xpand 3D glasses. However, this rack can accommodate a variety of styles depending on size*. The Theme Park Rack can hold up to 39 pairs of glasses, and up to four of these racks can be stacked and placed in the Gogglewash, increasing the washing potential to up to 156 glasses.

The Theme Park Rack has a solid design being made up of a robust wirework which is then coated in a hygienic plastic coating. The open nature of the Theme Park Rack ensures that water from the wash and rinse jets have a larger area to get through so that your 3D glasses are washed and rinsed more thoroughly.

*Please call 01933 666 244 to check if your 3D glasses are suitable

Clenaware Systems - Gogglewash - Theme Park Rack

Technical Details

Model Standard Rack
Dimensions (mm): W500 x H150 x D500
Storage Space: Up to 16 pairs of glasses
Model Theme Park Rack
Dimensions (mm): W500 x H67 x D500
Storage Space: Up to 39 pairs of glasses

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