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The Brands That Make Clenaware


Cleaning and caring for your warewasher is as important as cleaning the glasses and crockery that goes into it. Keeping the warewasher clean will assist in prolonging the life of the machine and eliminates the chance of any debris attaching itself to otherwise clean items.

Clenaware provide a number of accessories that can be used to assist in keeping your warewasher clean. A good machine cleaning schedule will ensure that your warewasher provides consistent results with every wash.

Dirty wash arms and jets will affect the results of the wash. Clenaware provide specialised brushes which are designed to clean wash and rinse arms and a cleaning tool for keeping the holes in the wash and rinse jets clean and free of debris. Wash and rinse jets can easily become blocked with debris or build-up of scale and chemicals.

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With bacteria and hygiene in the spotlight, it has never been more critical to adopt a thorough cleaning schedule and ensure your glasses and crockery are adequately washed. Read More