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Ice Machine Accessories

At Clenaware Systems, we pride ourselves on being able to offer you an extensive range of high-quality ice makers and accessories all of which have been designed to not only be robust and dependable but also to match your specific needs.

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Clenaware Systems Nova Ice Cart

Nova Ice Cart


£2195.00ex. VAT

£2634.00inc. VAT

This cart is the perfect accessory for our ST C range as with a pull of the gate bar this cart can be filled with up to 109 Kg of ice without the need of scooping ice into buckets for transportation reducing the risk of back injuries from carrying heavy buckets. ST C Ice Bins come with either one or two carts depending on the model but its important to always have a spare cart on hand.

This durable, insulated cart has a storage potential of 109 Kg and can house up to six Nova Ice Buckets for easier ice distribution.

*Removable Ice Buckets sold separately

Nova Ice Bucket x 6


£1195.00ex. VAT

£1434.00inc. VAT

Transporting your ice has never been easier, safer or more sanitary with this set of six ice buckets which have been designed for use on our Nova Ice Cart. Simply place the buckets inside the cart and push the cart under your ST C Ice Bin and with a pull of a gate bar, your cart will be filled with up to 109 Kg of ice in just a matter of seconds.

The Nova Ice Buckets are constructed from a high-impact polyethylene which provides long-lasting durability for everyday use. with a capacity of 12 Kg each these buckets are perfect for restaurants, cafes, bars, and catering services.

Clenaware Systems Nova Ice Bucket
Clenaware Systems Nova Ice Scoop

Nova Ice Scoop


£45.00ex. VAT

£54.00inc. VAT

This Nova Ice Scoop with a capacity of 1 Kg is the perfect companion for your ice bin/machine! Its robust, polycarbonate construction will not dent, chip, or rust under everyday use. Conveniently fill your bags, carts, buckets, and more full of ice. Great for all types of catering and drinks based establishments, including pubs, hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars and much more.

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