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What Would Make You Buy A Clenaware Product?
Discounted Price
Free Additional Product/Services
In Your Opinion What Makes a Beer Flat?
Bad or Dirty Beer Lines
Glassware - Bad glasswashing
Bad Landlord / Staff
Glassware Not Dried Properly
Poor Quality Ale
What Colour Would You Like To Make an Airack?
Is having a 'taller' glassbasket for handling the more 'Modern' glassware a good idea?
Not sure it makes a difference
When booking a Clenaware Engineer visit, how soon would you expect them to attend?
Same Day
Within 24 Hrs
Within 48 Hrs
Over 48 Hrs
What is your opinion on drinking from a Polycarbonate or 'plastic' glass?
The beverage tastes different
I dont like the feel of the plastic
Glass helps the beer "breathe"
Theres no difference
What Size Airack Glass Dryer Would You Prefer?
400mm Size
450mm Size
500mm Size
What's important to you when visiting a pub?
The prices - Cheap but cheerful.
The staff are friendly and helpful.
Drinks quality.
A good selection on the Jukebox.
What would you realistically expect the cost to be for installation of a Clenaware Machine?
50 Pounds or under
50 to 100 Pounds
Over 100 Pounds
Free of Charge
If you required a Clenaware Engineer, what hours of cover would you expect?
Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm
Mon-Fri 8am-8pm
All Week 8am-8pm
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There are 0 archived polls.
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