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Renovate Tub - 2.5Kg
Product Description
Renovate is a powder detergent which has been formulated for the refurbishment of drinking glasses, to especially remove rinse aid film. Renovate is also used on the pre-treatment of new glassware, to remove all traces of chemicals used in glass manufacture. The head retention and lacing characteristics of beers & lagers will be maximised since both rinse aid film and mould release agents can rapidly collapse the beer head. The detergent action of this product will benefit the machine interior. Renovate is recommended for use in pubs by most major brewery companies.
Physical Characteristics
Renovate is a white powder, blended from alkaline detergent builders, non-hazardous sequestrants, inhibitors and wetting agents blended with a safe level of chlorine release agent. This provides a powerful de-staining action, in addition to total removal of rinse aid film.

Available chlorine: 250ppm in a 1% w/v solution
pH of 1% solution: 11.5

1 Scoop = Approx 100 grams. Each container of Renovate comes with its own scoop.

Glass treatment Soak Method:
Add 1 scoop of Renovate per 4 litres of hand hot water to the sink and totally immerse glasses for 5-10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

Glass treatment Machine Method:
Prepare the machine for use by ensuring all jets and filters are clean, ensure operating temperature is reached and add 3 scoops of Renovate to the wash water. Put each basket of glasses through 1 machine cycle, add 1 further scoop of renovate to the machine after every fourth wash cycle. For fresh water machines add 1 scoop of Renovate for each wash cycle.

Machine Cleaning:
After wiping out the machine, clean all of the jets and filters. Add 1 scoop of Renovate to the wash tank and operate the machine through 2 cycles. It is recommended to use the Renovate powder in a machine once a month as part of the cleaning process.

2.5 Kilo Plastic Container
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