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Bespoke Machine Design
Need something a little different?

Ware washing equipment isn't always just used for cleaning Glassware and Table ware. Contact lenses, laboratory equipment, circuit control boards and cinema 3D glasses are just some of the other items that can be cleaned in a ware washer. With our unique bespoke design service you can clean just about anything else!
The unique fresh water wash system in our Sovereign glasswashers, Jubilee 50 dishwashers and TD50 thermal disinfection machines not only give a thorough and consistent clean to glasses and dishes, but also makes the machines hygienic and safe enough to wash a wide variety of items.

Over the years, Clenaware has designed and modified machines to accommodate for our customers' unique and special requirements (see an example at
If you have any specific needs for a bespoke machine or would like to enquire as to whether Clenaware can assist you with your ideas, give us a call on 01933 666244 or alternatively, you can complete our online enquiry form here.
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